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On-Line Classes Fall 2021

Our on-line classes are 'for now' in order to give you a chance to keep up your yoga practice with guidance from skilled teachers.  You can buy a block of 4 classes or you can buy a single class as a drop in.  Please buy your Single Class on the day you wish to use it as you would a drop in. Please buy your Single Class for the actual class you wish to attend, either morning or afternoon. Please purchase classes at least one hour previous to the start time of the class. Registration is neccessary for either choice so that your name will go onto the class list and the teacher can email or call you with the password, enabling you to join the class on your computer from your home. Please ensure your email is current on the website when you purchase your class.

Choose class session from the dropdown menu below: 
Instructor: Nancy
Classes per Session: 15
Available: 9
Price: $232.95