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Insomnia Workshop

"Does this sound like you?

"My mind trips ceaselessly from one mundane thought to the next, alighting upon a single word or meaningless riff or song snippet I happened to hear that day. Or it runs backward and forward over endless lists, stitching and unstitching. I compose strings of emails that could wait until morning, line up tasks in a shoulder-shoving queue. Mostly I just fret, worry-beading minor problems and irritations until they form a manacle of woe."

from " The Genius of Insomnia" by Marina Benjamin, NY Times.

Explore some ways that Yoga may help to quieten the mind and soothe you back to sleep.

Note: Inversions will be included in this practice."

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Instructor: Marlene
Classes per Session: 1
Available: 1
Price: $110.00