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October - December 2020 Classes In-studio & On-Line

The fall session of classes continue from October 4th to December 19th. you may choose to have a class on-line or in the studio at Mary Winspear Centre or through Panorama Recreation with classes held in Brentwood Bay at the CSCC Room B.   The studio classes at MWC is set up for a maximum of 8 students plus one teacher who is located on the platform in order to maintain physical distancing. Once in the studio everyone must stay on their mat, including the teacher. There will be no hands on adjustments by instructors. All students must bring their own mat, blankets (or towels) and belts. All safety Covid-19 protocols will be followed. Remember, if you are at all feeling unwell, do not come to class.

Register for the full session or for a single class. Pro-rating of the session may be possible if you are going to miss 4 or more classes. Those registering for in-studio classes for the full session will be given priority. Pro-rating registration to be with the instructor only.